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The people I have met in District 1 believe deeply in Montgomery County’s promise but also understand real leadership is urgently needed in Rockville. They want a progressive fighter – a leader who will protect our quality of life but also help plan for our future. Our top priorities must be growing our economy and creating jobs, supporting our teachers and students, sustaining our environment, honoring our seniors and veterans, and reaching out to the most vulnerable.

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The most important reason I entered public life.

Duchy was asked the question at the Chevy Chase debate, "what one event most  influenced your decision to enter public life?" Take a look at her response. 

A personal thank you from Duchy

I want to thank my supporters for standing with me during my campaign.  While we didn’t achieve the result we sought, we succeeded in one of the primary goals of politics—bringing people together to use their talents, passion and dedication to make a difference in people’s lives.  Every campaign I’ve ever waged—whether I was a candidate or a volunteer—has reflected my most deeply held values and beliefs.  I’m honored that you saw this campaign as a way to express your own principles, and your commitment to our community.

Thank you for your friendship and support.

Duchy values

Listen to Duchy talk on how her heritage and values inform her public service. 

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